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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camp 2011!!! Go Bones! :D

On the last week of June 2011 was another glorious week at our summer church camp, Camp Sonlight. It was our 6th year. There are four teams, red, yellow, green and blue. for the 5th year in a row I was blessed to be on the AWESOME Red team! YEAH! Here are the pictures from my camera. :) I hope you enjoy!

The awesome, amazing, wonderful sign that tells our exited hearts, "You are here!"

Kathleen, Rebekah and I.

Each team had one person go up to the front and recite the camp verses, 1 Timothy 6.

The first row singing Jesus Loves Me

The Captain huddle.

The team captains, #1, singing twelve men went to spy on Caanan, as fast as the could. SO FUNNY!
Team Captains L-R, Ryan-yellow, Andy-Blue, Phillip-Green and Nathan-Red. (My team captain.)

Andy-Red #9

Hannah and Danielle playing music.

My team with our skit props
L-R, Andy-#9, Katie-#3, Nathan L-#5, ME-#6, Patrick-#8 and Danielle-#4.

Noah-#16, Nathan B-#1 and Danielle-#4 working on our skit.

Working on our skit.

Megan-#17, she was a dog in our dog show skit. Our team name was the Bones.

Andy-#9, The announcer in our skit.

The skits down below...

Our skit-4th place.

Yellow team's skit-2nd place... the should have gotten first... HILARIOUS! :D

Alexander, Simon and Stephanie

Ben, Zander, Steven and Ryan.

Pool time

The four photos below are taken by my team captain, Nathan.



All the campers

My cabin

Ethan and I

Zared and Myself

Silas and I

My team, Red- 3rd place altogether.
L-R, Nathan B.-#1, Andy-#9, Danielle-#3, Katie-#4, Hanna-#11, Patrick-#8, Katelyn-#10, Hannah-#15, Michael-He wasn't on my team, he just hopped in, Charity-#7, Noah-#16, Nathan L.-#5, Keenan-#12, Josh-#18 and Myself-#6.

Funny pictures! :D:D:D

Emily's annual picture with Ben and Patrick Couch. :)

Another GREAT year at camp! The Lord truly blessed it! Thanks for stopping!
~Olivia Christine