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I am a young photographer who has recently purchased a Cannon XSI and I LOVE it! :D Through My Lenz, is a photography business that will show you my perspective of life, with God's help, they will be as beautiful as they were created! I photograph: Special events, Family shoots, baby photos and animal photography. Thank you for stopping! :D ~Olivia Christine

Friday, March 11, 2011

..::Siblings::.. My Friends.

On 3.6.2011 Zander, Michelle and I went on a photo shoot in my back yard... out of 143 I only got 33 goodish pictures.. I am still experimenting with my camera... Hope you like it! :D

Trampoline! :D

Truck! :)

There's Zander for you! :)

Thor! :)

THOR!!! :)


Zander thought it would be funny to change the order... instead of people ridding goats, goats ridding people. :)

I hope you enjoyed it! And if you did, please comment! I <3 Comments! Thanks for looking!
~Olivia Christine
(Sorry for the pixilation, it's blogger.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011