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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My AWESOME stay with the BROWERS!!!!! :D

So on the evening of May 22nd 2011 I went to stay with the Brower family while my sisters and Mom went to Animal Kingdom... I was there 'till late on Tuesday night... the 24th. What a WONDERFUL time I had staying there! Thank you, Brower family for your hospitality to me! I love y'all! :)

First full day... 23rd.


Brason and Duke

Bethany and myself...

Their HUGE HUGE HUGE garden!




Bethany and Shadow... I LOVE THIS PHOTO! :D

Spud muffin 

Me and Spud

Shadow... I love putting animal photos in B&W! 

Dixie, (Shadow's sister) Bethany and Shadow


Bethany, Boaz and Brason


Brianna and Bethany milkin'....


She is SO cute! :D

Duke.. again with animals in B&W... :D


 Brason and Provi.

Brianna and Myself

If you don't notice.... I'M ON SPUD!!!!!! My second time EVER being on a horse!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Brianna teaching me balance. :D

I STILL can't believe I did that! :D

 & yes... I braided Spud's hair. :D

Second full day... 24th.

We were canning green and purple beans from their garden.

It was Berry's birthday!!!! 5 years old! :D


Brianna... their all so pretty! :D

ME!!! :D

Berry and her cake... :)

CAKE!!!! One of the best cakes I have EVER had! Good job Brianna! :)


Berry and Brason


Shadow... and Ben is playing with Dixie in the background.. :)

Mr. Brower... I love how the camera still has it's stickers! :)

Opening presents...

Brandon with Dixie and Ben with Shadow... :)

I was VERY blessed to stay in their home! I will never forget that lovely time!

Thanks for stopping! Have a blessed day!
~Olivia Christine